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Thomson Sensatori Holidays 2016

Sensatori is a holiday concept designed by Thomson sensatori holidays to stimulate your senses. In our life, enjoyment is entirely based around the 5 senses- touch, smell, taste, sound and sight. When these senses are more stimulated, we become more excited. That is when we enjoy the experience to the fullest. Our senses are more stimulated when we are on a holiday trip to a place with extraordinary beauty, than any other situation. But this appealing of senses is only half of the concept.

The other half of the concept Satori also has to be there to make the concept complete. Satori means a feeling of enlightenment. That is how the word sensatori came. The sensatori becomes a reality through experience. Experience can be a play on the hot sands in the morning, then a stone massage in the late afternoon and a candlelight dinner. Or it can be simply lying near the pool with sun on your face.

 Sensatori provides so many choices that you can choose what you like. All that needed is balance. That means you can choose and mix the choices that suit you. It can either be a sport or spa treatment.
Sensatori is a new generation style hotel provided by Thomson holidays with the objective of stimulating your senses. Lagoon type pools, contemporary designed interiors, childcare facilities, and smart restaurants providing delicious cuisines are the specialities of sensatori hotels.

The first resort to implement this concept was at Lyttos Beach in Crete in 2008. After a year, in 2009 the second resort was opened in Mexico. And in 2010, third sensatori resort, Guia De Isora was opened. Each resort is part of the Thomson premier collection. All of them have 5 star standard. Sensatori hotels are designed with luxurious, spacious rooms and bathrooms. Bathrooms have private hot tubs. Attention is paid to make the facilities contribute to the enjoyment and relaxation of the customer.

You are provided with fine dining which include exotic local dishes and even delicious homely dishes. Child friendly dishes are also available, if the tourists are very particular. Sensatori hotels offer up to six restaurants. For entertaining the tourists, standard entertainment programs are conducted including musicals, dance shows and adult comedy shows. The spas at sensatori hotels are luxurious. They are made of warm treatment rooms including jet shower, pools etc. Both indoor pools and pools open to everybody including children are available. Another feature of sensatori hotel is the high quality sports activities. 

Thomson sensatori holidays provide you with luxurious holidays but at very affordable prizes. If you wish to get an unforgettable day in your life with your family, then Thomson sensatori holidays is the right place. With Thomson sensatori holidays, you get outstanding accommodation and resort locations. You will get quality services and you can look forward to be pampered. Thomson sensatori holidays become popular among the tourists because of the stylish and outstanding facilities provided by them. Once you visit their group, you will revisit them again and again.

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